Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Former LMAC member Stuart Atkins - Planes for Sale.

We received an email from Lynn Atkins (the widow of Stuart Atkins a former LMAC member who sadly passed away three years ago) earlier this week to ask whether anyone within the club would like to buy any of Stuarts RC planes which have been in the attic since. 

Lynn is just after reasonable offers with all proceeds going to her kids. If you're interested in any of the models then just send Matt Chamberlain a message and I can assist with the rest. Most planes have 4F/S engines, servos and a 35meg receiver. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The views above LMAC

The spring time evenings with low sun and vibrant colours make for some spectacular views above LMAC. The pictures were taken by Matt Chamberlain using the Gopro Hero 4 camera which was strapped to a Team Black Sheep Discovery Pro quadcopter.  Feel free to download the images if you want to use them for desktop backgrounds etc.

G0021344 G0021341

Bank Holiday Monday 4th May flying action

Flying action from Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2015 kindly shared by Howard Murphy.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LMAC - Sunday 22nd March - Flight Action

A selection of flight action from Sunday 22nd March. Spring had certainly sprung and a number of members took full advantage.  Pictures provided by Matt Chamberlain.

LMAC assisting the local university with RC related projects

A team of Leicester University students contacted LMAC recently requesting assistance with the test flight of their Search and Rescue plane they have created as part of a group project.  Their initial wing wasn't really fit for purpose, so we had to improvise and give them a wing which worked and got the plane airborne.   Thanks to those LMAC members who assisted on the day.

Also contacting LMAC recently was Loughborough University Student Rob Law who is working on a project got get multi-rotors to track vehicles (formula one cars is the aim). Rob took the opportunity on Sunday 22nd March to do some testing as well as practicing for his multi-rotor A certificate. Whilst on site, Rob captured the following aerial video showing other LMAC planes in action.

International Drone Day - March 14th 2015

A few hardy LMAC 'Dronies' braved the weather and turned out for the International Drone day on Saturday 14th March.