Thursday, 12 September 2019



Further to the email from John Payne on Monday 9th September 2019. The Flying Field will be closed on Sunday 22nd September 2019 to allow the field levelling work to be conducted safely. The soil and sand will be dropped off in advance in preparation for the levelling the field on Sunday 22nd.   If you are available on Sunday 22nd September, please go to Gumley to pitch in with the work so that it can be completed and the field reopened as soon as possible.  It's an opportunity for those who have voiced their opinions on the subject to assist!   Obviously if plans change, we will let you know, so keep an eye out here on the Website, Facebook LMAC Group Page and the LMAC Calendar.

Many thanks

Thursday, 8 August 2019

*** Gala Day Postponed *** 11th August 2019.

*** Gala Day Postponed *** It may not come as a surprise that Gala Day has been cancelled for this Sunday - 11th August 2019. After reviewing the weather forecast for the weekend we thought it best not to go ahead with the event and we will reschedule it.
Sorry about that but we will look to get it in later in the year, possibly combining it with Warbirds Day, but I will confirm once a decision has been made. The Control Line Carrier, Schneider Racing and Scale event has also been cancelled.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

BMFA - Fixed Wing Achievement Scheme Workshop Day at LMAC - 5th May 2019

Many thanks to all those members who took time out to come and learn more about the BMFA Fixed Wing A Test today. Chris Bond and Matt Chamberlain were particularly encouraged and even more so that we were able to successfully carry out four tests and a solo sign off today! 

I'm happy to report that Alex Judea, Rob Mac and Kevin Sarson all successfully attained their A fixed-wing certificates today, with Kevin Sarson going one better and passing the FW B test too! 

Finally, Steve Johnson was signed off to go solo by Chris and stated he wishes to progress to the A test now before too long. 

Kudos to all those that had a go today; It's not easy to put yourself in a test situation, but I'm a great believer in that we need to get out of our comfort zones and put ourselves under a little bit of pressure at times to progress at anything in life. 

We've another Sunday set aside in the calendar for later in the year for another achievement scheme workshop day, but Chris and Matt are more than happy to demonstrate the tests again and assist with your practice - flight and/or questions if you wish. Today was all about the BMFA achievement scheme - I'd say we achieved!  Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend and well done again to all those involved!

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Aerodrome / Airport restrictions - Dronesafe - Amendment to the Air Navigation Order

The Department for Transport (DfT) has given notice of an amendment to the Air Navigation Order.
The changes have been expedited in reaction to incidents involving small unmanned aircraft at
Gatwick and Heathrow in the last couple of months.

The BMFA have reported previously on the creation of flight restriction zones around protected
aerodromes, the concept of which was introduced in the Government Response to the 2018
Consultation on Drones published earlier this year and these zones will come into effect from 13th
March 2019. A useful interactive map of the UK has been created by NATS showing the
protected aerodromes with the restriction zones superimposed. 
See for further details.

CAP1763 states that ‘the flight restriction zone is active at all times and applies to all small
unmanned aircraft of any mass (even very small ‘toys’)’. This was a surprising development which
would in theory even extend to paper aeroplanes.

If you wish to fly an unmanned aircraft within these restriction zones, then permission will have to
be obtained from air traffic control at the aerodrome. The CAA expect such permissions to be
based on a ‘constructive dialogue between the modellers/model clubs and the relevant aerodrome’
and formalised in a letter of agreement/memorandum of understanding.

One slight benefit included in this ANO update is that the existing restriction on flying unmanned
aircraft over 7kg below 400ft in controlled airspace has now been removed, as the new restrictions
apply to all unmanned aircraft up to 20Kg and maintain the 400ft limit for all unmanned aircraft.
Happily, the Leicester Model Aero Club at Gumley does not fall within this restricted flight zone.
Further info can be found as follows:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Further Indoor Flying Dates added for 2019.

Three further Indoor Flying Dates have been booked for early 2019.  Many thanks for your continued support and it's been great to see some new junior flyers and how well the young sponsored pilots are progressing!  Keep it up guys! ;)
  • Sunday 13th January 2019
  • Sunday 10th February 2019
  • Sunday 3rd March 2019

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Indoor Flying for 2018/2019 Resumes Sunday 25th November 2018

Indoor Flying for 2018/2019 resumes this Sunday 25th November 2018 at the Sports Connexion in Ryton Coventry between 18:30 to 10:00pm.

Hot drinks and snacks will be available on the evening so please feel free to come over and get some stick time as well as modelling banter!

Further details can be found on the Indoor specific page.  A session has also been booked for Sunday 16th December and further dates will be booked for Q1 2019 once we gauge the demand for the indoor flying.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, 10 August 2018

LMAC Gala Day - Cancelled - Sunday 12th August 2018

Due to the deteriorating weather over the weekend it has been decided to cancel the Gala Day for Sunday. It was felt that the work to get the site ready and the cost of getting food prepared was not worth the gamble of a poor weather forecast. As you may have seen on FaceBook, we are looking to reset the date in September and combine it with a Warbirds day. I will send out another official notice when a decision has been made.

Andy Green has taken a decision to cancel his Schneider Trophy competition following consultation with the competitors