Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January 2013 Indoor Flying

There was another great turn out on Saturday 26th January for the LMAC indoor flying at Parkland Leisure Centre in Wigston. 18 flyers took the first opportunity following Christmas for some Indoor flying to try out some of their new models. There were lots of micro helicopters on display as well as the ever growing popular 'shockies' style models from RC Factory. In the pictures below taken by Colin Wilson, you can see three shockies prop hanging together.

From the left, Max Stringer's and Rhyan Murphy's Crack Yak and Matt Chamberlain's Pitts

Steve Milne in deep concentration flying his MCPx Helicopter

Matt Chamberlain's awesome RC Factory Pitts demonstrating the perfect prop hang!

Getting setup and spooling up the helicopters for the first session of the evening.

Stephen Bird donning his flashy new Blade 450X canopy.

More of Colin Wilson's excellent pictures can be found on showphoto.co.uk

Thanks for all those who attended. As always, all LMAC and Non-LMAC members are welcome to attend as long as you have your BMFA insurance. There are two further meetings scheduled for February and March and more details can be found on the Indoor Page.

Look forward to see you again on Saturday February 23rd at 8pm at the next LMAC indoor meeting at Parklands.

Welcome Back

Starting off the new year (well nearly), the Leicester Model Aero Club's website has been re-designed to take advantage of the new blogger features available from Google.  Please check out the respective section pages in the menu above. These will be updated and added to moving forward.  The members page contains details how to join the club along with application forms, renewals, guidance for new members and club rules.

All LMAC members and non-members are strongly encouraged to contribute with RC modelling related stories, reviews, build logs, pictures and videos etc. These can be added to the news feed where subscribers can then feedback and comment.  All contributions should be sent to admin@leicestermodelaeroclub.org.uk.

The Leicester Model Aero Club would like to formally thank Zoe Quilter for her contributions to authoring the LMAC website over the past number of years.

Aerial picture taken from Matt Chamberlain's Ripmax WOT4 FoamE plane with a GoPro camera.