In order to make an application for membership, an on-site meeting needs to be arranged with a Committee Member. Please contact the Membership Secretary (

Following an on-site briefing and discussion with the applicant, the received application information will be presented to the Committee for approval. Upon approval, and subsequent receipt of payment, the new member will be granted an initial twelve months of probationary membership.


Statutory Regulations are now in place governing the flying of model aircraft in the U.K. These require that pilots and operators must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority in order to fly legally. Further information can be found at 

Club rules are mainly common sense, issued to new members, and updated when necessary. They also comply with BMFA recommendations, with site-specific additions such as noise testing and limits due to the planning permission of the site. There are also trespass-restricted areas around the site.

LMAC RULE BOOK Issue 6.31 - April 2018
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Beginners Guide - V2.0 - April 2022

View LMAC Privacy Notice - V2.2 - April 2022

Joining Fees for 2022:

LMAC Senior (including joining fee)£90.00
LMAC Senior (over 65 on Jan 1st including joining fee)£82.50
LMAC Junior £ 5.00
LMAC Associate£ 5.00
BMFA Senior£40.00
BMFA Junior£18.00
BMFA Membership Card£4.50
CAA Operator registration fee£10.00
Keys Deposit (Gate and Club House Key)£25.00

Renewal Fees for 2022

LMAC Senior £75.00
LMAC Senior (over 65 on Jan 1st)£67.50
LMAC Junior £ 5.00
LMAC Associate£ 5.00

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2022 Online LMAC Membership Renewal Form

An Equal Opportunities Club

The LMAC aims to be an inclusive club where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where there is equal opportunity for all. In line with the nature of a Model Aero Club, the LMAC respects and values the diverse interests of all its members.

We recognise that as an Aero Club we all have different disciplines which share site(s). This means we welcome and celebrate our differences in a positive environment, and are committed to engaging with the needs of our diverse members and users to enable us, both individually and as a club, to achieve our aim:

'To promote and develop the furtherance of model flying, in all its forms'

  Jack Marsh

The LMAC will tackle barriers to participation and create a culture in which equal opportunities and equal treatment are a priority for all LMAC members.

In the recruitment, of members, and in all our day-to-day operations with LMAC members, we seek to create an environment where attitudes and biases that hinder the progress of individuals and groups are dismantled and where we work together in mutual respect.

All club members have equal rights to the access and use of LMAC site(s) in accordance with LMAC and BMFA rules.