Thursday 18 August 2016

LMAC Gala day 2016

Two sets of pictures taken at the LMAC Gala Day - 14th August 2016.

First set from Matt Chamberlain

LMAC - 14th August 2016 - Gala Day 2016

Second set from Howard Murphy.

LMAC - 14th August 2016- Gala Day By Howard Murphy

Here's the video captured with Matt Chamberlain's quad showing LMAC's Andy Green participating in the Schneider Float plane control line racing competition held during the LMAC Gala Day.

Thomas Barwick flying his impressive ASM F7F Tigercat 82" span ,Auw 9.8kg, Running on SK3 5055 430kv motors on 2x 6s 4500mah lipos 2* 14*10 props

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