Sunday 5 May 2019

BMFA - Fixed Wing Achievement Scheme Workshop Day at LMAC - 5th May 2019

Many thanks to all those members who took time out to come and learn more about the BMFA Fixed Wing A Test today. Chris Bond and Matt Chamberlain were particularly encouraged and even more so that we were able to successfully carry out four tests and a solo sign off today! 

I'm happy to report that Alex Judea, Rob Mac and Kevin Sarson all successfully attained their A fixed-wing certificates today, with Kevin Sarson going one better and passing the FW B test too! 

Finally, Steve Johnson was signed off to go solo by Chris and stated he wishes to progress to the A test now before too long. 

Kudos to all those that had a go today; It's not easy to put yourself in a test situation, but I'm a great believer in that we need to get out of our comfort zones and put ourselves under a little bit of pressure at times to progress at anything in life. 

We've another Sunday set aside in the calendar for later in the year for another achievement scheme workshop day, but Chris and Matt are more than happy to demonstrate the tests again and assist with your practice - flight and/or questions if you wish. Today was all about the BMFA achievement scheme - I'd say we achieved!  Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend and well done again to all those involved!

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