Friday 25 October 2019

Indoor Flying 2019/2020 dates

The nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder – it can mean only one thing…  The return of RC Indoor Flying!   I’ve booked five sessions over the next five months at our usual Sport Connexion Large Blue sports Hall in Ryton.  The sessions will run from 6pm until 9:30pm (slightly earlier start and finish to previous years).  I’m happy to report for a 10th year running, the price will remain the same at £5.00 for flyers over 16 years of age. Depending on the number of flyers attending, I may need to adjust the cost slightly to cover the overall fee for the hall for each session, but I hope this will not be required and as I’ve done previously, can offer a free session based on any profits overall.
As usual, there will be hot drinks and snacks available on the evening and all small RC indoor flying models are encouraged.
The dates for the sessions are as follows and have been added to the LMAC Calendar on our website:

Sunday 3rd November 2019
Sunday 1st December 2019
Sunday 12th January 2020
Sunday 9th February 2020
Sunday 22nd March 2020

Any changes to dates or cancellations will all be communicated in advance of the sessions, so just check the website, Facebook or email for any updates.
Looking forward to seeing you over the winter months for some indoor flying fun and banter!