Saturday 22 March 2014

Flying Site Update

The concrete standing area has now been laid, all 24 tons of it, or 10 cubic meters, and that part of the job is now complete. The next few days will see the concrete set and be available to use. We have put a yellow tape around the area so please observe Andy's statement, "When the tape comes off, you can go on." I have attached a couple of photos to give an idea of what went on and how it finished up. All people involved worked well together and the result is a credit to the club. 

Thanks must go to those who turned up at 8:00 to help the project and the names to note are :- Andy Prime, Howard Murphy, Bill Sewell (barrow man), John Robson, Frank Smith, Ian Pilon ably assisted by Tom Newitt and Loui Scott-Pilon, Keith Miles, Jim Deacon, Richard Taylor, John Payne, Pete Galloway. The bacon cobs/batches/rolls were provided by Virginia Robson. The organising of the materials used, concrete, reinforcing wire etc., was done by Dan and Sandra Simmonds. Others that I know have helped along the way are John Palmer and Pete Elson. There may be others that I do not know of and to them I give my apologies.

The people listed above deserve thanks for the effort they have put in on this project. The preparation for and the pouring of 24 tons of concrete is a lot of work, especially to move about and tamp down. Next time you see any of them please take the time to say thanks.

The intention is that it will be ready to be used by Tuesday next week, so if you do use the field please avoid going on the concrete. There is more stuff to be done to finish the project off. There is new netting to be cut and put up and a little bit of finishing around the concrete raft. Once it is completed I will let you know.

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