Monday 8 April 2013

'A hive of activity' - Sunday 7th April

The club was a hive of activity on Sunday 7th April, with the warmer weather bringing more of the 'fairer weather models' out of their workshops!  There were a few maiden flights to negotiate, not least Andy Prime's and Chris Bond's new pattern ships. Andy was flying the Nuance and Chris who has started selling pattern ships via his website (see below) flew the Prolog for the first time.      More details at   Good luck with that Chris!

Andy Prime's face was a picture as he walked past Matt Chamberlain's FPV ground station! It was a mixture of a puzzled look and 'WTF is that'!!


Thanks to Colin Wilson and Andy Prime for supplying the pictures.  Keep those pictures, video and content coming and we'll ensure they feature on the web site.

Remember you can follow the site via email if you wish to receive an email notifying you of any future updates. This can be found on the right hand side column of the screen.  Be sure to check out the calendar and website too, as I know a few of you were caught out by the Helicopter AHA event on Saturday. 

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