Monday 30 December 2013

'It was flat calm when I left my house' - LMAC 29th December 2013

Richard DSC_1384Richard DSC_1383Richard DSC_1382Richard DSC_1381DSC_1370DSC_1365
DSC_1359DSC_1364DSC_1356DSC_1353DSC_1351Collin DSC_1379
Collin DSC_1378Collin DSC_1377Collin DSC_1374Happy Collin DSC_1380Bills YAK DSC_1396Bills YAK DSC_1394
Bills YAK DSC_1390Bill DSC_1387He didn't hear it coming!John waiting patiently and looking rather cold!I'll av you!Thomas with his new ME-262

One by one they turned up at LMAC on Sunday 29th December and the common statement when getting out of the car was 'It was flat calm when I left my house'! Don't let the gorgeous blue sky deceive you, the wind on Sunday would cut you in two. That said, it didn't stop people flying and LMAC Vice Chairman Howard Murphy captured a great set of pictures of Heli's, multi-rotors, EDFs and aerobatic planes all braving the elements. Those long warm August evenings seem a million miles away now! Enjoy

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