Sunday 12 January 2014

We have a new carrot, I mean wind sock!

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Leicester Model Aero Club LMAC's photostream on Flickr.

What a hive of activity there was on Sunday 12th January. Despite the frost, the day started flat calm and for once, you could actually feel the warmth of the sun on your back, albeit for about 20 minutes! The clouds soon rolled in, but that didn't stop the flying activity as a host of fixed wing, helicopters and multi rotors took to the sky; including some maidens too (Colin's new Stev S and Mick Chans Riot). Many thanks to Howard, Colin and Dan for capturing some stunning pictures. Those Stingers flying together looking cracking and I can imagine it wasn't easy capturing them given the speed they travel. Many thanks also to Mrs Murphy for the excellent new wind  sock. I nice shot of Richard doing what he does in the background too. A great flying day and I hope you enjoy.   Click on the link to see all 38 pictures!

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Our wonderful club just goes from strength to strength!

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